The Bayside Historical Preservation Society (BHPS) was founded in 1995. The organizational meeting of the Board of Directors for BHPS was held Monday, May 29, 1995, at the Bayside home of Zelma Huntoon. In addition to Zelma, those attending were George Allen, Jr., Alden Badershall, Joanne Coughlin, Lee Ann Horowitz, Amos Kimball, Eleanor Lagner, Jean Witherill. Elizabeth Lewis was unable to attend. Membership fees were set at $10.00. The meeting closed with a vote of appreciation to Zelma for completing the incorporation process.

Board Members



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Many opportunities for volunteering exist – in the summer as well as during the off-season.  Current volunteering opportunities can be found here.

Membership Dues

Membership dues provide support for our mission to promote interest in the history of the Bayside community as well as preserve that history for future generations.


All dues and donations are tax deductible. Dues for 2019 are $10 for the first member of the household, $5 for each additional household member, with children under 18 free.


Please make checks for the dues payable to BHPS and mail them to:
Bayside Historical Preservation Society,
PO Box 273,
Lincolnville, ME 04849.



Bayside Stories

As Told By Bayside Residents

Gordon Fuller
Karl Beiser
Honora Samway
Don Webster
Nancy Abersold
Hill White



A top priority of the BHPS is the preservation and archival of historic artifacts and information associated with Bayside. The community room in Bayside’s Community Hall and the Shady Grove Museum serve as the primary locations for storing and displaying BHPS collections once they are cataloged. An online, searchable catalog is currently under development.

Items Currently Available